Minneapolis Marathon

Join us for one of the best marathon experiences you'll have all season: The 2011 Minneapolis Marathon & Half Marathon Sunday, June 5th.  The Minneapolis Marathon course starts and ends near the Depot Hotel and follows the beautiful banks of the Mississippi River to Historic Fort Snelling State Park where the Mighty Mississippi meets the Minnesota River.  Imagine just how beautiful that will be on a crisp June morning in Minnesota.

Amateur radio operators will support the medical teams at each mile tracking runners who drop out for inquiring families and serving as back up medical communications. Because this is an all amateur runner event, and it is scheduled in early June, communications teams will need to be particularly alert to runners in distress. 
A radio is required, a handheld dual band radio is preferred. Experienced hams will be teamed with new hams to ensure maximum learning. Requests will be honor on a case by case basis.
Let me know if you or your entire radio team from whatever organization can make this event. Email me at n0kbd1@gmail.com or call me at 763-421-3242. 

Dave Johnson N0KBD