MNYARC is proud to sponsor this Public Service site to promote Amateur Radio public service in Minnesota and build a large database of radio amateurs who are trained in emergency communications, and qualified as net control operators by:

  • Providing a one stop location for promoting amateur radio events in Minnesota.
  • Recruiting key members of the Amateur Radio community to post their organizations events to the calendar.
  • Promoting opportunities for training for health and welfare and emergency communications in Minnesota.

Explore this site to find out what is happening in amateur radio in Minnesota.  You should find information on public service opportunities, training, clubs, radio nets, and other areas of interest.

If you would like to see your events posted on this site, we will glad to. There are two ways of doing that:
  • Send an email with the information to the webmaster and it will be posted.
  • Request access to allow you to post information yourself. To do that, send an email to the webmaster requesting access.
To learn more about the MNYARC, Please visit our homepage.